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Installing modules

Installing modules and themes

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Now that you've installed Drupal, you will want to customize it to your tastes by adding modules and themes. The basics of managing modules and themes are fairly similar. If you browse to the sites/all folder you will find a README.txt file.

This directory should be used to place downloaded and custom modules and themes which are common to all sites. This will allow you to more easily update Drupal core files. These modules and themes should be placed in subdirectories called modules and themes as follows:

  • sites/all/modules
  • sites/all/themes

You can find a synopsis of any contributed module or theme by visiting its project page, but many modules and themes also include README.txt file with more detailed information.

To view a module's README.txt file without having to download anything, visit Be sure to first replace the word modulename with the name of the particular module.

For themes, visit